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We specialize in fast-curing, high-performance pre-stressed pre-cast concrete piles that satisfy the needs for strength and and time constraints of your project. Our concrete piles can achieve full 28-day strength in less than one week, and can be design sulphur-resistant to withstand the corroding effects of salty air and water.

We do piling around the country including the cayes. we can fabricate varying pile lengths and sizes as per job requirement. we provide technical record keeping and calculations indicating safe service loads based on energy formulas

Learn more about our heavy equipment below:

  • Drop Hammer- for driving through soft to very soft soils, and for small to medium sized jobs. Depending on dimensions and driving conditions, average installation time is 15-20 concrete piles per day.
  • Diesel Hammer– for more demanding jobs and adequate driving speeds even through very dense soil. Hammer and Caps-are available in different weights and diameters to suit pile design and minimize damage.

After installation we also offer pile-cutting services to expose steel strands for tying-in etc.


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