Prefabricated concrete is an innovative form of construction that is becoming more recognized in the country.  Prefabricated concrete provides various advantages as it is closely monitored under controlled conditions. The elements are cast and cured away from and/or prior to job which are then transported to the construction site and lifted/installed into place. Prefabricated concrete increases concrete quality, reduced project costs and time.

Prestressing technology compliments the prefabricated concrete construction. In prestressed concrete, low relaxation strands are used to allow the efficient use of prestressing forces. Tensile forces are introduced into members so as to counteract effective forces/loads when in actual use (service loads).  Common prefabricated/prestressed elements used in construction in Belize constitute foundation piles and recently, single and double tee beams.

  • Controlled conditions and effective quality control
  • High early strengths achievable with the use of admixtures
  • Reuse of forms to cut costs
  • Design varying spans and load capacities as per job requirement
  • Full plant production
  • Concrete durability increase
  • Minimal weather delays
  • Minimize project times/duration
Our prestressed Double Tees can perform under varying load conditions, from office use to warehouse use. Large internal spans are easily obtained to achieve open spaces. All piles and double tees are produced following ACI, ASTM, and PCI standards and practices.

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