Maheias United Concrete & Supplies Ltd. (Maheias United) was started in 1958 first as a sole proprietorship by Mr. Collet Maheia Sr., which later became Collet Maheia Construction Supplies, supplying aggregates and trucking services. Today, after incorporation it has grown to become the leading construction resource company and the largest supplier of concrete and concrete products in Belize, responsible for some of the most demanding projects in the country.


Continuing on this trend of expansion, Maheias United has now entered into the general construction arena, working in association with reputable and licensed construction companies to take on commercial and industrial projects.

This move has prompted Maheias United to invest in the software and training required to manage such projects efficiently. As a company, it takes great pride in and is determined on delivering quality materials and services on every project big or small. To this end, months of research have been invested in training on delivering technical services and advice on design mixes, construction techniques, finishes and quality control.

The vision of  Maheias United is to deliver: “Total pre-cast concrete building systems, in which architectural and structural pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete components combine to create the entire building”. We believe that the trend towards total pre-cast concrete building systems will continue to grow thus our investment in a fully functional pre-cast and electronic concrete production plant now operating from the Western Highway.

The construction industry is highly competitive for all participants and Maheias United provides an option that rewards those willing to innovate.