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Cantilevered Retaining Wall – 1200 LF

Sub-Contract work for this project involved the production of precast cantilever retaining wall elements at our precast plant in Belize. The prefabricated elements were transported via the Coastal Highway to the Big Creek Port for barging to the island. The cantilever retaining wall was designed by our in-house engineering department which includes a Structural and Civil Engineer. The design specified an internal stem of steel-reinforced concrete in the shape of an inverted T. Cantilever retaining walls are made of reinforced
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concrete that consist of a thin stem and a base slab. In the design, having known the lateral earth pressure, the following considerations were made to check for stability:

  • Over-turning about its toe
  • Sliding failure along its base
  • Bearing capacity failure of the base

Having examined these parameters, each component of the structure is checked for adequate strength, and the steel reinforcement of each component was determined. Also, adequate drainage was provided by means of weep holes. This step was taken to minimize increases in lateral earth pressure due to saturation of backfill material as a result of rainfall. This type of wall used much less material than the traditional retaining wall and proved effective for the specific soil conditions of this project.

With the exception of barging all work was carried out using our in-house resources.

 production    completion

 Figure 1 – Production

 Figure 2 – Handle/Install

 Figure 3 - Completion


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