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Ready-mix/Job-mix Concrete

Maheias United's concrete service is the most efficient and reliable in Belize. We can supply any quantity of concrete to anywhere in the country, including the cayes and off-shore islands. We supply specific mix designs and aggregate use as per job requirement & Fiber reinforced concrete (FRC). Our concrete is designed using the highest standards and is guaranteed to meet your custom mix design when tested. We supply concrete with specific Admixtures including retarders, accelerators, corrosion inhibitors, water reducers and much more.

We employed in-house quality control including test mixing and field sampling, and also perform in-house strength tests for our concrete. Our production facility is a dry-batch type plant, from which all batching is done by weight, and tickets for each load are logged and can be provided detailing the specifics of aggregates used in your concrete. Our pumping services, which include line and hydraulic boom pump, can be employed for jobs of up to 125 feet high; we can reach every crack and crevice when filling your concrete project.

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